Thursday, 21 June 2018

Haryana Vishwakarma Skill University Celebrates International Day of Yoga

Gurugram 21 June: To commemorate the International Day of Yoga, Haryana Vishwakarma Skill University organized a Yoga practice session at the Government Industrial Training Institute, Gurugram. The event was attended by the students and staff of both the institutions, members of the corporate and volunteers, making it an impressive turnout.

Speaking on the occasion, Shri Raj Nehru, Vice Chancellor Haryana Vishwakarma Skill University said that Yoga is an ancient Indian system of developing of human’s inner ability for a more meaningful and purposeful living. Its about recognizing and realizing self that helps individual to understand others and also connect with them better. He said that yoga is a traditional practice of connecting self with self and self with others that results into physical, mental and social and social harmony. He also emphasized that by practicing yoga it brings a harmony between three 3 H- head, hand and heart that leads to better physical, mental and emotional human being.

Shri Raj Nehru said that Yoga has turned out to be a multi-billion dollar industry. There are many opportunities as a trainer and even as an entrepreneur. He said that Haryana Vishwakarma Skill University is actively considering of launching a few skill courses pertaining to Yoga in future.
Addressing the gathering Ramesh Aggarwal, MD Bikanerwala said that he was pleased to see so many young boys girls turning up for the event and practicing Yoga with such finesse. He expressed his fervent hope that this ancient science will not only be preserved but also spread across the world.

Dharam Rakshit, Hero Motocorp reiterated that Yoga is the need of the hour, when the young generation is faced with so many personal and professional stresses in life. Yoga provides solace to stressed mind and soul.

Varun Shah, Concentrix Ravinder Kumar, Principal ITI said that Yoga is such a vast and comprehensive art and science that it has something to offer to people from every walk of life irrespective of their caste, creed or religion.  

On this occasion, Vice Chancellor felicitated Pranav Dhar, a Kashmiri displaced youth  who is a promising youth . He has won a GOLD  medal  in Marshal Karate  at National leveland is going to represent India in 19th International Milo Karate Championship Kuala lumpur, Malaysia, on 29 Jun and Vice Chancellor Shri Raj Nehru   announced his scholarship trip to Malasiya. He said that these budding youth need to be supported and facilitated for such opportunities so that they can bring laurel to the Nation.

Thanking the guests, participants and the organisers Dr Sunil Gupta, Registrar Haryana Vishwakarma Skill University said India has given Yoga to the world, it is a heritage, which we must cherish, preserve and patronize. Yoga improves cognitive skills in the students and it should be included in the curriculum from an early age. There is need to popularize Yoga with in the country, he said.
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